OEM Bytes @ MAHATech 2023

Mr. Gautam Kumar

(Senior Manager (Materials Management)

Bharat Electronics Ltd.

We are associated with MAHATECH since last 7- years, but I am here for the first time. I am continuously visiting the stalls here and the overall ambience here is very good. All the stalls are good and there is a huge opportunity for various industries to interact, we the OEMs, here, find new vendors and develop them for future requirements . Yes, surely, we would like to participate in the exhibition to be held at Pune MAHATECH 2024. We would also like to visit the exhibition to be held at Baroda, Gujarat in the month of December 2023.

Mr. Anil Dakhole

Satara Senior Manager (Purchase)

Cooper Corporation Pvt Ltd.

I am very thankful to MAHATECH for this experience. This was the 2nd time I participated in the exhibition and would like to tell you that this time, we got introduced to all the vendors in a more bigger and better way , the climate from both the ends- the customer as well as the supplier was very positive. The discussion which happened was very positive and this will be beneficial for us to make our supplier base strong as compared to previous year, so again a very big Thank you to you all.
We did get introduced to some of the suppliers which we will be taking onboard in our list of vendors. We had a check on their products physically and we have come to a conclusion that we as a supplier will be benefitted and we will be taking this in a positive way from our end. During our interaction, one point which I observed was the leakage testing facility which is very crucial from our point of view as an engineering aspect and one thing worth noting was the new technology due to the use of these products and I liked the same. We will try to implement this with our supplier-vendor.

Mr. Santosh Gaikwad

General Manager (Materials)

Praj Industries Ltd.

We have a long association with MAHATECH, and we are really thankful to MIPL for calling us every year at the exhibition. We are always delighted to be a part of the MAHATECH exhibition every year. We look forward to meet various suppliers, there are almost more than 100 suppliers here at MAHATECH and we had a good discussion. We do find some useful suppliers for our business. Although we may not be able to get all the suppliers for our business but, if we get a handful of suppliers for business that will be the success of this exhibition. This is a great platform for all the customers and the suppliers. The customers get the opportunity to meet the suppliers in a span of 3-4 hours, similarly, most of the suppliers get a chance to interact with the customers. This is a great work done by the team working here at MAHATECH. I am thankful for this to Mr. Marathe Sir and Mangesh for organizing such a fantastic event and we look forward to participate in the next year at MAHATECH 2024.
We have already found some suppliers that will be useful for our business. We will be forwarding our enquiries that way, next week onwards the process will start. I observed one point that all are good suppliers, and they were not having a huge and good platform like MAHATECH, so it was good for us to tap them here. I will have them onboard and include their names in our vendor list.

Mr. Ambrish Patki

Manager - Procurement vendor discovery and development

TATA Steel Ltd.

Overall, experience of vendor development meet was good. The first half was really good, and we got a nice chance to present TATA Steel as a company and the requirements of the company for the complete year and during the second half there was one-o-one interaction with the vendors that were present and showed interest to join TATA Steel as a prospective business partner. It was a nice experience and I believe that we will connect with some of the vendors through this exhibition. Yes, definitely, we would like to take part in the event next year.