Client's Talk - Pune MAHATech 2023

Mr. Nilesh Pathare and Mr. Milind Karbhari

Directors : Advista Techno solutions Pvt Ltd.

Advista Techno solutions Pvt Ltd.

This is our first year of participation. The response we are getting here is fantastic and we are getting genuine leads from MAHATECH. The time invested by us in this 4 days will be definitely fruitful and we will get nice returns after the exhibition.
We will love to be part of the MAHATECH family and for the next year we will take a bigger stall. One thing we would like to mention at this point is that we have received a very good response from the organizers and the management team here at MAHATECH.

Mr. Amit Kinjale

Product Development Head : Avatron Industries Pvt Ltd

Avatron Industries Pvt Ltd

Overall we have a very good experience at MAHATECH, we are getting a good response from the people, we have multiple products with us and the people are showing good interest in our products.
The Vendor Development Meet was very beneficial for us. We could get a knowledge about which products can we supply and how can we supply to the OEMs. We got proper contacts with the internal concerned persons within the OEMs and we can now arrange for the meetings to be conducted with them. We are also thinking of participating in the MAHATECH next year.

Mr. Harshal Vaze and Mrs. Devashree Vaze

Director - CWWS India Pvt Ltd

CWWS India Pvt Ltd

This is the 2nd year of our participation at MAHATECH. Last year we got a lot enquiries from MAHATECH and we have converted them and even this year we have received lot of leads from MAHATECH to keep us completely busy for a year. About the Vendor Development Meet, we have received a good support and we are able to see the growth of our company. We have a lot of new enquiries to keep ourselves busy. This platform at MAHATECH is very good to the new generation of companies and new individuals coming into the business.

Mr. Rohan Shah

Partner - Deep Pneumatics & Yogendra Industrial Corporation

Deep Pneumatics & Yogendra Industrial Corporation

We are participating in the MAHATECH from last 5 years. And this is the best platform for marketing. So I would like to participate more in MAHATECH. We are at Pune, supplying industrial material suppliers since last 5 years and we have received a good support from MAHATECH. Our business has also witnessed growth due to MAHATECH. So a big Thank you to everyone at MAHATECH, the complete team, the supporters at MAHATECH as we have received a good response due to our participation at MAHATECH

Mr.Sachin Deshvande

Director - Fuji Electricals / Dynamic Power Solutions

Fuji Electricals / Dynamic Power Solutions

We are very happy and getting a good and overwhelming response at MAHATECH. This is a very good platform for us to showcase our products to our prospective customers and explain the services rendered from our end. The Vendor Development Meet arranged by MAHATECH is a good activity to be followed. For the next time, it will be good, if MAHATECH can increase the number of OEMs that will be beneficial to all the participants because it is a good thing that many OEMs come to the exhibition and majority of exhibitors get the opportunity to register themselves with all the vendors and this will increase the probability of getting new business.

Mr. Umesh Gokhale

Proprietor - Omkar Enterprises

Omkar Enterprises

I am really Thankful to all the team at MAHATECH. This was my first year. The support which I got here was very nice and the team here has been very co-operative, so a big Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Many customers came here and visited my stall, as far as my business is concerned , this has been very beneficial for me. For the next year, I will be more than happy to participate at MAHATECH.
You have organized a very nice Vendor Development Meet here. Big companies like Thermax, Cooper Corporation and Praj Industries where it was impossible for small companies to contact such big companies. But due to the Vendor Development Meet arranged at MAHATECH we are bound to get benefited by this meeting and discussion in the near future.

Mr. Ravi Parmar

Director - Parmar CNC Machines India LLP, Rajkot

Parmar CNC Machines India LLP, Rajkot

The overall experience is very good. WE were here last year and had a good experience. Our business increased and we sold many units of our machinery and even this year, till now the experience is good. We have planned to participate in the exhibition in the next year and we have already booked our stall for the next MAHATECH. The response we are getting here is always good, we are able to provide the products with latest technology as desired by our customers.

Mr. Rajiv Luthra

Director - Pneumsys Advanced Energy Solutions

Pneumsys Advanced Energy Solutions

The response is very good, as we are sharing some new technologies and we got new customers coming in. The footfall has been outstanding. I have not seen such a great footfall in the exhibitions which we participate at PAN India level. Looking at the response here, I feel you need to expand your boundaries and you should have more halls now,looking at the huge crowd.

Mr. Sonal Vanarse

Channel Sales Manager - Posiflex


We got lot of new customers here. The customers are happy to see the new technology. The approach of the customers was good. We will be benefited due to this in our coming days and I am sure that our business will increase.
We are doing business in India ,since last 25 years, but, we were trying to communicate with the big companies like Thermax, Cooper Corporation, TATA Steel since last many years,but, we were not successful. Due to MAHATECH ,we got a nice platform to communicate with these big companies directly.

Mr. Shashank Gadre

Director - Sealant Enterprises

Sealant Enterprises

We have been associated with MAHATECH since many years. The experience was and is always very good. We got a good amount of customers permanently through MAHATECH. We get good visitors to meet here. I have a very good experience about MAHATECH and the facilities extended. Everything is very nice, there is no scope for any complaints and all is fine here. Definitely, we will like to be a part of MAHATECH every year.

Mr. Venkat Rao

CEO - Techbird Innovations LLP

Techbird Innovations LLP

At MAHATECH, the response from visitors we are getting here is excellent. We got huge number of orders in writing at this exhibition. We got a nice platform here to showcase our products. We got the opportunity to meet big companies like Thermax, Bharat Electronics through Vendor Development Meet.