OEM Bytes

Mr. Govind Nanivdekar

(Divisional Manager)

Kirloskar Brothers Ltd

KBL is participating for 2nd time in MAHATech as well as an OEM for Vendor Development Meet. Participation, Suppliers and overall approach of MAHATech was very good. We met good suppliers especially from industries like Machining, Raw material, Electrical Equipments as we require these for our projects. The concept of Vendor Development Meet is very beneficial for OEMs, Suppliers as well as for MAHATech. The one-to-one meeting with suppliers was great. They gave detailing of their products suitable for specific application which will be useful for us in future.
Ambience of MAHATech, atmosphere, presentations and structural arrangements of all the stalls was outstanding. We wish that MAHATech should organize Vendor Development Meet after every 6 months as it will be beneficial through point of view of the Buyers and companies sourcing.

Mr. Kaushik Chakravarty

(DGM - Sourcing)

Kone Cranes Pvt Ltd

It is our 1st participation in Vendor Development Meet. The concept of this forum is good and it’s the need of time, good vendors, quality suppliers along with the intention to work with the corporates. MAHATech has given this platform beneficial to the corporates as well as for the suppliers. During the one-to-one discussion we met good vendors especially from sector of Manufacturing, Casting, and Fabrication.
Overall Ambience of MAHATech was excellent, information display; space for the visitors was well organized. We will definitely participate in next MAHATech and also will encourage our other Corporates to participate in MAHATech.

Mr. Sandip Saxena

(Senior DGM - Material Management Sub-contract)

Bharat Electronics Ltd

Concept of Vendor Development Meet is really good. We are able to find out lot of Vendors and present our requirements which in general can explain and understand it. This is a very good platform where we can discuss our requirements with the vendors, various suppliers and industry. In one-to-one meeting we received lot of good response from various vendors; partners and we are able to understand their position and capabilities. We will register the capable vendors, evaluate their capacity and work with them as full-fledged suppliers of Bharat Electronics.
MAHATech was well conducted and had good sitting arrangement in the conference hall. This is the right platform to interact with lot of vendors from all over Maharashtra & Gujarat. Every year there is a new requirement coming up, vendors also have to be developed, and capacity has to be re-enhanced. We are looking forward to participate in next MAHATech.

Mr. Abhijit Ramdave

(Chief Manager)

PRAJ Industries

PRAJ is participating for 2nd time in MAHATech and we feel proud that we have been recognized and invited as the OEM for Vendor Development Meet. Many companies from various sectors approached us and got good response this year. The discussions we had with different vendors were fruitful because we not only analyzed their products but also explained the procedure of supplier selection, guided them about norms of PRAJ industries. The concept of Vendor Development Meet is par excellence. We are waiting for that moment to start business transactions with the suppliers.
We appreciate Director Mr. Vinay Marathe & his team for doing excellent job of organizing such a huge B2B industrial exhibition. We express our gratitude and give best wishes to MAHATech.

Mr. Amitkumar Farande

(Director - Electronic Division)

Akashganga Construction Machines Pvt Ltd

We have participated for 1st time as OEM in Vendor Development Meet. The concept of this forum is excellent and it’s the need of the current business trend. We have a huge requirement for our business and are looking out for those vendors who can fulfill our requirements and grow business profitable to the Vendor and our company too. During this meet we came across many vendors who are capable of fulfilling our requirements and feel that the motto of participating in MAHATech will be achieved. We hope that our working with few of the vendors will start shortly.
MAHATech has taken a good initiative of bringing all the SME’s on one platform and MAHATech has worked aggressively to execute how the requirements will be fulfilled in this mega expo. MAHATech organized different conferences this year which was also beneficial for all the business and we thank MAHATech for organizing a purely B2B industrial Mega expo.